Cen-Tec LS-003T EM Security Tabletop Unit

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The i-circ® tabletop unit works with all the leading circulation systems, and its many exciting features will make the checkout process a pleasant experience for people of all ages. The staff will appreciate the i-circ® unit’s ease of operation and little need for attention.


  • User-friendly Interface: Text/voice/video instruction easily guides the patron through the checkout process using touch screen technology including language options.
  • Report generation: Retrieve date specific circulation reports at any time.
  • Pop-up notification: Sends kiosk status and patron messages to any circulation workstation.
  • Checkout uncataloged material: Actually allows patrons to checkout unprocessed items.
  • Security: Designed to be used with libraries using Checkpoint™ RF, 3M™ EM security, or libraries without security equipment.
  • Control Management: Allows for easy configuration, changes, upgrades and diagnostics.
  • Smart phone compatible: Able to read stored barcode from patron's smartphone.
  • Communication: Communicates with your library automation system using the 3M™ SIP1/SIP2 protocol.
  • Wireless Communications: Optional wireless capabilities available.
  • Printed receipt: Patron receives a printed receipt on each transaction. The receipt includes due date and book item details. 
  • Languages: English and Spanish are standard. Patron can switch between languages on the fly. The default language is restored once the patron's session is completed.
  • Fee/Fine Payment (optional) - Optional payment module offering credit/debit card, stored value card and coin-op vending units.
  • Custom designs available (prices will vary)

**Installation and training fees vary, please call for more pricing information**

Cen-Tec LS-003T Information Brochure (CenTec_Ls-003T_tabletop_brochure.pdf, 76 Kb) [Download]

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